About Tax Justice Europe


Tax Justice Europe (TJ-E) is the European regional hub of the Global Alliance for Tax Justice (GATJ) — , a movement of civil society organisations, trade unions and activists, united in campaigning for transparency and tax justice.


Our vision

We aim for a world where transparency and fair tax policies counteract inequalities within and between nations, and generate the public funding needed to ensure human rights - including the rights of women and vulnerable groups, a safe and sound environment, adequate social protection and high-quality public services for all.


Mission and aims

  • TJ-E’s aims are to: affirm the role and obligation of governments to implement progressive and distributive tax policies; mobilise domestic resources for public services and other vital government functions; strengthen state accountability and the social contract; reduce state dependence on aid and debt financing; correct the power imbalance between citizens and multinational corporations;

  • TJ-E supports these aims by: exposing the negative impact of tax injustices on ordinary people and our families around the world – from the South to the North; taking transformative actions and campaigning for solutions to end tax injustices; building a global movement to increase awareness and solidarity around tax justice issues;

  • With the following goals: an end to secrecy and more public accountability for companies; international tax rules that are fair for all countries; progressive and sufficiently resourced tax systems; public investment in services and sustainable development.


Purpose and role of TJ-E

TJ-E works for transformative, yet specific changes to global and European policies, institutions, rules and structures to promote transparency and tax justice. As the European member of GATJ, TJ-E focuses on creating change by influencing European governments, companies, organizations and institutions.


The following organisations are members of TJ-E:

  • ​11.11.11 - Koepel van de Vlaamse Noord Zuidbeweging
  • ActionAid EU
  • ActionAid Ireland
  • ActionAid UK
  • Alliance Sud - Swiss Alliance of Development Organisations
  • APIT
  • Attac Austria
  • Attac Finland
  • Attac France
  • Attac Ireland
  • BEPS Monitoring Group
  • Both ENDS
  • CCFD-Terre Solidaire
  • CNCD-11.11.11
  • Change Partnership
  • Christian Aid
  • Christian Aid Ireland
  • Collectif Tax Justice Lëtzebuerg
  • Concord Sweden
  • Financial Justice Ireland
  • Demnet
  • Diakonia
  • Ekvilib Institute
  • European Network on Debt and Development (Eurodad)
  • Fair Tax Mark
  • Fastenopfer
  • Finnish Development NGOs – Fingo
  • Finnwatch
  • Focus, drustvo za sonaraven razvoj
  • Forum Syd
  • Global Policy Forum
  • Glopolis
  • InspirAction
  • IGO
  • Kairos Europe
  • Lapas
  • ActionAid Denmark
  • Methodist Tax Justice Network
  • National Society of Conservationists - Friends of the Earth Hungary
  • Netzwerk Steuergerechtigkeit Deutschland
  • Northern Europe Public Governance Centre
  • Norwegian Church Aid
  • Oxfam France
  • Oxfam GB
  • Oxfam IBIS
  • Oxfam Intermón
  • Oxfam Italy
  • Oxfam Novib
  • Peuples Solidaires - ActionAid France
  • Plataforma por la Justicia Fiscal
  • Pro Ethical Trade Finland
  • Réseau Foi & Justice Afrique Europe antenne France
  • Réseau pour la Justice Fiscale
  • Save the Children Finland
  • Save the Children Norway
  • Social Platform
  • Solidaires Finances Publiques
  • Stichting Onderzoek Multinationale Ondernemingen (SOMO)
  • Survie
  • Tax Justice Netherlands
  • Tax Justice Network – Norway
  • Tax Justice Network Israel
  • Tax Justice UK
  • Transparência e Integridade, Associação Cívica
  • Transparency International France
  • Transparency International Hungary
  • Transparency International Latvia
  • Transparency International Slovakia
  • VIDC
  • WEED - World Economy, Ecology & Development


The tax justice pledge is also supported by:

  • The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC)
  • The Women’s Budget Group